Working For the Man SS13  LAB ModaLisboa, Lisbon Fashion Week - October 13rd, 4pm

 "Repetition and uniformity as generating devices or identity dissolving agents are observed closely, or until you lose sight of them. The here and now of the use of the uniform and the repeated speech is reflected ontological and infinite behind us predicting the future.All spectrum has its own limits. Here, in this border, men and women: the same forms, the same colours, the same practical details.
In the distance another border: nobody is like him. Nobody is him, no one has his colours, his forms and his details (we go even further) his smell, his brightness,his slowness or speed, the way he fixes his legs to the world or shakes his head against the sky.
Physical action, specific function, utility, protection and the man who crumbles over the others.
Ego, iconography, aesthetic, idiosyncrasy and he is sitting on the infinity, far away from the crowd."

Text_ Pedro Vaz Simões
Photography_ J. Sousa / Le-Joy
Model_ Maria Corrêa Monteiro